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Signage is a crucial and considerable outlay for many organisations, therefore it makes sense to protect your investment by maintaining and repairing your corporate identity.

Elements alone can cause significant wear and tear and often irreversible damage to signage, for example, bird droppings, insects, dust and weather in general. Add to this instances of vandalism or accidental damage and your signage that once appeared pristine and professional can suddenly appear tired and worn, subsequently tarnishing your company’s important front line image.

Signage maintenance can not only protect the appearance of your signage, but will also prevent more serious and often dangerous hazards from occurring such as electrical faults due to dust build up which is a common cause of fires in signs.

Camden is also able to work with you & show the benfits of moving towards LED Illuminated signage, be it internally illuminated or external.

Camden can arrange either a once off or continuous maintenance program with the following services:

Internal & external cleaning
Illumination checks & repairs
Flood lighting repairs
Electrical integrity checks & repairs

As well as signage maintenance, Camden also offers a general building maintenance and repair service with qualified trade services including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, concreting and garden maintenance.